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Interactions of Light and Matter School Holiday Science Workshop

Date Tuesday, 2 July 2024. 9:30am - 2:00pm
$54.50 per participant (plus $0.50 Humanitix booking fee)
Venue ANSTO Australian Synchrotron - NCSS Building
800 Blackburn Road
Clayton VIC 3800
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Interactions of Light and Matter! 

Year 11 - 12 (Topic taught at Year 12 curriculum level)

4.5-hour workshop (9:30am - 2:00pm) 

How can waves explain the behaviour of light? How are light and matter similar? 

These questions will be answered in the hands-on physics lab session where students can take part in experiments using specialised equipment to learn about the diffraction of light (both single and double slit diffraction and interference), the Photoelectric Effect and Emission Spectra. The program also includes a tour of the Australian Synchrotron where participants will learn about the important research outcomes achieved.