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The essence of matter

Journey to the essence of matter

Prof Andrew Peele, Director of the Australian Synchrotron, who is an advisor to a major project to build a synchrotron in Mexico, will deliver a public lecture with two colleagues as part of the Hola festival.

Thu 19 Sep at 6.00pm - Thu 19 Sep at 7.30pm
Venue RMIT Swanston Academic Building 90
445 Swanston Street Melbourne Vic
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Mexican Synchrotron

In 2007 Australia began conducting experiments in its first synchrotron facility. Last November – after 20 years of lobbying – the state of Hidalgo approved $35 million to start building Mexico’s first synchrotron light source, with the assistance of Australia, Spain, the USA and Switzerland.

Two out of the six members of the Mexican Synchrotron’s International Advisory Committee are Australians: Dr Victor del Rio and Professor Andrew Peele, who will join us at this Hola Melbourne Festival event to tell the fascinating behind-the-scenes story of Australia’s and Mexico’s Synchrotrons and how these ‘Big Science’ projects are revolutionizing the frontiers of knowledge and creating new collaborative relationships between our countries.