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Micro:Bit Workshop
School holiday workshop

Micro:Bit Workshop

Fri 17 Apr at 9.30am - Fri 17 Apr at 3.00pm
Venue ANSTO Discovery Centre
New Illawarra Road
Lucas Heights NSW 2234
8 - 13 years

Due to COVID-19 precautions currently in place, the ANSTO tours and workshop program are temporarily unavailable until further notice.

Intrigued by the buzz of electronics and the wizardry of computer programming? In this workshop you’ll have a great time learning to use the mini-computer called the ‘BBC Micro:Bit’! – a tiny programmable microprocessor that can control a variety of sensors and devices.

You’ll be using it to design your own games and programs using code, wires, motors and sensors, while learning basic up to advanced concepts. We’ll bring rock, paper, scissors to digital life along with whatever crazy inventions your creative minds can think of! All equipment provided, no prior experience necessary. We’ll be coding our maze-escaping robots to have a battle at the end of the day so bring your enthusiasm and may the best robot win!

Note: Depending on your individual skill level you’ll use block coding, javascript or both.

Additional Information

1) Introduction to Micro:Bit

2) Youtube clip showing the basic robot used

3) A highlights reel from one of our recent Micro:Bits Workshops

Please bring food, drinks and a hat for morning tea and lunch breaks. Workshops starts at 9:30 please arrive at 9:15 at the ANSTO Discovery Centre.