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Particle Therapy

NST 4 Health

Sat 25 May at 9.00am - Sat 25 May at 5.00pm
Venue ANSTO - Australian Synchrotron
800 Blackburn Road
Clayton VIC 3168
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The 5th ANSTO “Nuclear Science and Technology for Health” Symposium will be held as a satellite symposium of the IPAC19 in Melbourne.  

This year the focus will be on accelerator technologies and their application to deliver better radiotherapies. 

This one day symposium will bring together world leading accelerator physicists, radiation oncologists and medical physicists to explore new directions in accelerator based therapies for cancer treatment, with linear accelerators, synchrotrons and particle accelerators and fast-track their translation into clinical practice.

Participants will gain updates on advances in accelerator technologies and delivery protocols that provide precision, targeted and combined therapies which may provide radiation oncologists with new options to treat cancers more effectively.

The symposium will be an opportunity to engage with research partners and industry to collaborate on the translation of new developments into clinical practice nationally.

Keynote Speakers

Verity Ahern

Verity Ahern

Director, Sydney West Radiation Oncology Network

Crown Princess Mary Cancer Centre Westmead Hospital

Koji Nodo

Koji Noda

Director General

National Institute of Radiological Sciences (NIRS) Japan

Suzanne Sheehy

Suzanne Sheehy

Senior Lecturer Medical Accelerator Physics

Oxford University & University of Melbourne

Gerry Hanna

Gerry Hanna

Director of Radiation Oncology

Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Melbourne

Student Travel Support

Students from AINSE Member Universities/Institutions who are undertaking research aligned with the symposium aims may apply for travel support from AINSE (closing date 29th April). Students should apply by completing a Visit Request Form  and return it to AINSE with a short description of your PhD project aims.