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Safe Use of Portable Moisture/Density Gauges

Safe Use of Portable Moisture/Density Gauges

Aimed at those working with portable moisture/density gauges and borehole loggers

Wed 25 Sep at 8.15am - Wed 9 Sep at 5.00pm
$605 incl. GST
New Illawarra Road
Lucas Heights NSW 2234
Register: 25 September 2019
Register: 4 March 2020
Register: 17 June 2020
Register: 9 September 2020

Course Objective

Develop sufficient radiation protection knowledge and skills to recognise:

  • the need for an operational and management framework for the safety and security of radioactive substances
  • their radiation safety responsibilities when working in a controlled or supervised area with radioactive substances


Personnel that have operational or management responsibilities for portable moisture/density gauges or borehole loggers in industries such as construction, agriculture, mining, oil and gas or geotechnical engineering

NB those working with portable x-ray gauges are recommended to attend the Safe Use of X-ray Devices training course.

Course content

  • Scientific Background
  • Biological Effects of Radiation
  • Radiation Protection Principles
  • Industrial Gauges
  • Transport and Storage
  • Legislation and Codes of Practice
  • Detection and Measurement
  • Practical: Dose Rate Survey
  • Practical: Transporting an Industrial Gauge
  • Emergency Preparedness and Response