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Safe use x-ray devices

Safe Use X-Ray Devices

This is a full day training course at ANSTO for people who operate or work around X-ray devices on an irregular to regular basis

Tue 9 Apr at 8.15am - Tue 9 Apr at 5.00pm
$605 incl. GST
New Illawarra Road
Lucas Heights NSW 2234
Register: 9 April 2019
Register: 2 July 2019
Register: 24 September 2019


To be an authorised operator for X-ray devices.


People who operate or work around X-ray devices on an irregular to regular basis.

An X-ray device generates ionising radiation via an electrical circuit. The X-ray device can be used for measurement or analysis of materials. Some examples of these devices are in use for baggage inspection used at airports and mineral sands analysis used mining.
The industries from which people attend are varied from emergency services, regulators, universities, hospitals, mines, paper mills, research institutions, radiation instrument detection manufacturers, factories, oil & petroleum, construction, Non Destructive Testing and defence.
Course content
  • Scientific background
  • Biological effects of radiation and radiation in the natural environment
  • Basic radiation protection
  • External Radiation Protection including Time and Distance Workshop
  • X-ray devices
  • Legislation & Workshop including review of the Code of Practice relevant to X-ray devices in use by course participants - including RHS 9, RHS 21, RHS 22.
  • Understanding Radiation detection devices including Practical: Performing a Dose Rate Survey
  • Emergency planning and practice