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Shorebird winning entry 2018

Shorebirds Competition results

Tue 28 May at 5.00pm - Fri 27 Sep at 5.00pm
Venue Entries mailed to the ANSTO Discovery Centre
New Illawarra Road, Lucas Heights NSW 2234

Shorebirds Competition 2019

Enter ANSTO's Shorebirds Competition by creating a public awareness poster for a threatened shorebird in Australia and go into the running to win over $3000 in prizes for schools and students.

Open to students in Years 3 to 6 in the Greater Sydney/Illawarra and Melbourne areas, this competition aims to help raise awareness of the plight of shorebirds and inspire a younger generation of environmentalists.

Shorebirds or waders are rapidly declining in numbers and several species are now threatened with extinction. In Australia and elsewhere their shoreline habitats are being permanently affected by human activity or are disappearing altogether.

Following the success of the 2018 Shorebirds Competition, which focussed on suburbs near Botany Bay in Sydney, the competition has now been expanded to include Greater Sydney/Illawarra and Greater Melbourne.

This is a fantastic opportunity for teachers to highlight a contemporary environmental issue and provide cross-curriculum teaching in science, geography and art.


Competition Closes: Friday 23 August 2019

Winners announced: World Shorebirds Day, Friday 6 September

Display of top entries at Australian Synchrotron Open Day, Sunday 20 October

Shorebirds Information and Threatened Shorebirds

Shorebirds 2018 results


Competition results 2019

Thank you to our participating schools (in alphabetical order): Artarmon Public School, Austinmer Public School, Ballam Park Primary School, Belrose Public School, Berwick Lodge Primary School, Brentwood Park Primary School, Caringbah Public School, Como West Public School, Corpus Christi Primary School, Danebank Anglican School for Girls, Donburn Primary School, Doncaster Gardens Primary School, Erskineville Public School, Glen Waverley Public School, Holsworthy Public School, Hume Anglican Grammar, Kurnell Public School, Lane Cove West Public School, Manly Village Public School, Milgate Primary School, Mt Martha Primary School, Northmead Public School, Oxford Falls Grammar School, Oyster Bay Public School, Peakhurst South Public School, Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School, Southmoor Primary School, St Bernadette's Primary School, St Mary Magdalen's Parish School, Waverley Christian College, Wheelers Hill Primary School, Xavier College - Kostka Hall, Yarrawarrah Public School.


We also gratefully acknowledge the adult art initiative, The Overwintering Project, as the source of inspiration for this competition and for their continued support. This important project raises awareness of our migratory shorebirds and their habits across Australia.

If you would like to provide feedback or register your interest for next year’s Shorebirds Competition or other competitions, please contact the ANSTO Education Team:

First and Second Place Winners:

Years 5/6

1st Place, Sydney:          Lily C., 6W, Austinmer Public School

Winner - Austinmer Public school shorebirds


1st Place, Melbourne:    Atiya A., 5A, Donburn Primary School

Atiya - winner donburn

2nd Place, Sydney:         Cordelia X., 6EA, Artarmon Public School

Cordelia 2nd place shorebirds

2nd Place, Melbourne:   Gaviru A., 6A, Glen Waverley Primary School

Waverly PS second place winner


Years 3/4

1st Place, Sydney:          Sylvie C., Y3, Erskineville Public School

Erskinville winner shorebirds

1st Place - equal, Melb: Katie C., 4H, Donburn Primary School

Donburn - Melbourne Shorebirds

1st Place - equal, Melb:  Charlotte L., Y4, Home Educated (student prize only)

Charlotte winner - shorebirds

2nd Place, Sydney:         Callum G., 3/4G, Oxford Falls Grammar School

Callum oxford falls school 2nd place

2nd Place, Melbourne:   Raphael L., 3M, Berwick Lodge Primary School

Raphael second place Lodge PS

First place entries win $500 of educational resources for their school and a $100 voucher for themselves. Second place entries win $250 of educational resources for their school and a $50 voucher for themselves. 


Highly Commended entries.

These students will be issued with a certificate and a small token prize.

Years 5/6

See gallery

Chloe F., 5A, Donburn Primary School

Isaac G., 6MS, Artarmon Public School

Jayda T., 6B, Glen Waverley Primary School

Lavanya J., 6JA, Brentwood Park Primary School

Rehansa M., 6C, Glen Waverley Primary School

Shaelen R, 6I, Manly Village Public School

Sophie Y., 6MS, Artarmon Public School

Sophie X., 6O, Danebank Anglican School for Girls

Taylor P., 5CA, Danebank Anglican School for Girls

Zachary C., 6VB, Wheelers Hill Primary School



Years 3/4

See gallery

Annabel M., 3/4M, Peakhurst South Public School

James F., 4C, Lane Cove West Public School

Jasmine Y., 3/4C, Holsworthy Public School

Lami L., 4O, Donburn Primary School

Lucy M., 3/4M, Peakhurst South Public School

Tanvi N., 4O Donburn Primary School

Zachary W., 3C, Waverley Christian College




These students will be issued with a certificate.


Years 5/6

Angelina C., 6O, Danebank Anglican School for Girls

Anqi D., 6E, Glen Waverley Primary School

Bailey B., 5R, Kurnell Public School

Bonnie M., 5CS, Milgate Primary School

Channing P., 5O, Yarrawarrah Public School

Daisy Z., 6JA, Brentwood Park Primary School

Emily L., 6EA, Artarmon Public School

Finn C., 6E, Mt Martha Primary School

Jasmine M., 6SV, Manly Village Primary School

Keira C., 5R, Kurnell Public School

Melody K., 5F, St Mary Magdalen's Parish School Chadstone

Mia V., Y6, St Bernadette’s Primary Dundas Valley

Rachel L., 5C, Berwick Lodge Primary School

Ruby P., 5C, Manly Village Public School

Una S., 6I, Manly Village Public School

Sayuri R., 6E, Glen Waverley Primary School

Vedang D., 6D, Glen Waverley Primary School

Vihaan G., 6C, Glen Waverley Primary School

ZiAo Z., 6MS, Artarmon Public School


Years 3/4

Alan Z., 3A, Doncaster Gardens Primary School

Angelina F., 4B, Danebank Anglican School for Girls

Cailyn O., 3K, Belrose Public School

Darby, 3C, Mt Martha Primary School

Emilio T.,Y4, Xavier College – Kostka Hall Campus

Eva D., 3A, Doncaster Gardens Primary School

Grace T., 3B, Mt Martha Primary School

Hamish, 3C, Mt Martha Primary School

Ivy S., 3C, Kurnell Public School

Jordan Y., 4KA, Artarmon Public School

Max R., 3D, Mt Martha Primary School

Miley T., 3A, Doncaster Gardens Primary School

Renee H., 4B, Como West Public School

Shlah-Blu, 3C, Mt Martha Primary School

Shirley F., 3K, Danebank Anglican School for Girls

Tommy L., 4Y, Penleigh and Essendon Grammar

Veer M., 3HW, Southmoor Primary School