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Spark Festival: DeepTech X Design: Panel Discussion and Q&A
Online event

Spark Festival: DeepTech X Design: Panel Discussion and Q&A

Tue 19 Oct at 11.00am - Tue 19 Oct at 11.45am
Venue TBC

Through an informal panel discussion and audience Q&A, this session will explore the question: how might we integrate design innovation principles in the DeepTech / high-end science journey?

We will draw on the expertise of science and design practitioners as they share their learnings throughout their business journey. This panel will be especially helpful for DeepTech / STEM founders, teams, or anyone wondering how to catalyse innovation within technical industry niches, as we discuss how design innovation can lead to differentiation, novelty, and tangible value.

Dr Mitra Safavi-Naeini, ANSTO
ShanShan Wang, Roam Technologies
Jason Hinds, Enware

Hosted by nandin, ANSTO's Innovation Centre.



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