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Spark Festival: Why Australia Rocks at Research Commercialisation!
Online event

Spark Festival: Why Australia Rocks at Research Commercialisation!

Thu 14 Oct at 9.00am - Thu 14 Oct at 9.45am
Venue TBC

Recent media has claimed that “Australia’s level of research commercialisation is one of the worst in the developed world”. Concurrently the Australian Minister for Education has launched a comprehensive policy reform through the University Research Commercialisation Taskforce and referenced the US, UK, Japan and Israel as nations with commercialisation success we should aspire to.

But how does Australian research innovation and commercialisation performance really measure up with respect to our international peers? In this session Tim Boyle, founder of nandin, Director, Innovation & Commercialisation at ANSTO and Chair of ATTP will present the surprising outcomes of a longitudinal review benchmarking global commercialisation metrics.

Hosted by nandin, ANSTO's Innovation Centre.


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