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Student Video Contest 2022: Meet the Finalists
Online event

Student Video Contest 2022: Meet the Finalists

Wed 28 Sep at 7.30pm - Wed 28 Sep at 8.30pm
Venue Online event

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To foster the younger generation’s interest in education in nuclear technology, the IAEA has held an International Student Video Contest in conjunction with the 66th IAEA General Conference.

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The theme of the 2022 Student Video Contest was “Role of Nuclear Technology in Addressing Climate Change”.

The Contest was launched in August 2021, inviting teams of up to four students, age up to 18, with at least 50% female representation, to produce a short video on the topic in an engaging and entertaining way.

They were asked to explain the role of nuclear technology:

  • As far as they as individuals, and as part of communities, regions, and countries are concerned;
  • Related to innovation and technology;
  • Regarding its issues and benefits;
  • In the context of its potential for inspiring careers, etc.

A committee established by the IAEA selected seven regional best and five overall finalist videos, all of which will be shown during this event. After the presentations, the committee will announce the winner of the Contest. All teams will be awarded certificates signed by an IAEA senior official recognizing their efforts in studying the role of nuclear technology in addressing climate change.