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The Panel Pledge

The Panel Pledge aims to increase the visibility and contribution of women and diverse leaders in public and professional forums.

The Group Executive leadership team at ANSTO has taken the pledge as part of a greater commitment to support diversity.

The Pledge

We pledge to increase the visibility and contribution of women and diverse leaders in public and professional forums.

Panel Pledge commitment

Demanding diverse panels and events with appropriate representation is an ethical and moral imperative. It is one of my values to reflect the diverse society in which we live; it’s theright thing to do. On top of that, it’s the smart thing to do, diverse environments deliver better outcomes. This contributes to an inclusive culture that supports a psychologically safe workplace; it is the safe thing to do! We must insist on this from everyone or there will be another generation where not all voices are heard.
Shaun Jenkinson
Chief Executive Officer

Being serious about acting on the Panel Pledge will demonstrate what we say. Diversity needs to be seen and heard not just talked about.
Dr Miles Apperley
Group Executive - Nuclear Safety Security and Stewardship

It is the simple, practical example of actions that can influence change on gender equality and advancing women in leadership. I commit to ensuring gender balance within ANSTO, fostering an inclusive environment, for all voices to be heard and valued.
John Edge
Chief Operating Officer

Simple and practical actions, like the Panel Pledge, can bring about real change. I am proud to be among the hundreds of Australian leaders taking the pledge.
Amanda Ware
Chief Risk and Assurance Officer

Through our thoughts, words and actions we will build an inclusive and diverse environment, promoting opportunities for al,l and particularly our Women in STEM and Engineering pursuits. It is about providing pathways where our people can be the very best, they can be.
Dave Filipetto
Group Executive – ANSTO Maintenance and Engineering

Professional forums must drive a more gender-inclusive and diverse panel to ensure a balance of perspectives being discussed or considered.  For my family, my organisation and myself, I am committed to leading a change where they can expect their voice within professional forums can be heard.
Oleh Nakone
Group Executive – Commercial Products and Services

Taking the Panel Pledge makes us intentional about diversity, it brings in different perspectives, thinking and experiences, and it helps us shape a better future for all and for individuals –  it is also way better than the alternative! 
Prof Andrew Peele
Group Executive Nuclear Science and Technology

“You can’t be what you can’t see”. I think it’s important for leaders to promote a diverse range of role models in technical and other events. 
Pamela Naidoo Ameglio
Group Executive - Nuclear Operations and Nuclear Medicine

By taking the panel pledge I am pledging my commitment to building a more inclusive and equitable workplace, my commitment to promoting diversity, and my commitment to contributing to positive social change.
Con Lyras
Group Executive – Capital Programs & Chief Engineer

The value in supporting the Panel Pledge is to improve women’s representation in public and professional forums, which has consequences for women in leadership, gender equality, organisations and our community. We can Influence system-wide change for inclusive gender equality and diversity in leadership, by using the pledge as a simple and practical example of action. The Pledge allows us to amplify the impact of the pledge by considering the diversity of women and other speakers more broadly, extending the pledge to executive teams, sponsorship and supplier agreements, and conference organisation. By standing behind the pledge, I contribute to positive change in the world. Together, we can make a difference, one step at a time.
Marianne Morton
Group Executive – Information Technology

The first line of the Academy’s response  - I believe in gender equity and diversity as an ethical principle - sums it up for me. Equality of opportunity should be a right for anyone and should not be infringed upon by an individual’s gender, class, sexuality or religious beliefs or by the same set of characteristics of their peers. This pledge seems a simple but effective way of holding a light to something like representation at conferences and acknowledging that diversity of thought is nothing without diversity of voices to express those thoughts.
Hefin Griffiths
Chief Nuclear Officer