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ANSTO Event Environmental Sustainability Statement

The ANSTO Environmental Sustainability Strategy aims to reduce ANSTO’s environmental footprint. This statement outlines the ways in which events organised and run by ANSTO meet these goals. 

Our Commitment for each event includes: 

  • Eliminate printing of excessive material and reduce costs where applicable. 

  • Providing QR codes for event information, location maps and programs to reduce paper waste. 

  • Encourage digital networking instead of business cards. 

  • Source environmentally sustainable products for the event that are reusable or biodegradable, and where possible use locally produced products. 

  • Use in-house caterer to reduce transport of food and drinks to event. 

  • Provide water stations for refillable drink bottles or sustainable cups. 

  • Encourage group travel arrangements or public transport to event to reduce CO2 emissions. 

  • Provide recyclable waste stations for participants use. 

  • Where possible choose suppliers and sponsors that encompass sustainability and eco-friendly measures 

  • Where prizes and awards are given, choose sustainable products.