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ANSTO Instruments


Neutron Scattering

Neutrons are produced at the OPAL multi-purpose reactor for a suite of 15 state-of-the art neutron scattering and imaging instruments at the Australian Centre for Neutron Scattering.

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Accelerator techniques

Accelerator mass spectrometry and ion beam analysis are undertaken on the four accelerators that are operated at the Centre for Accelerator Science. The Centre operates associated 11 ion sources, 17 beamlines, sample preparation and chemistry laboratories and provides in-house expertise in AMD+S and IBA. Isotope tracing in natural systems using stable and radioactive isotopes are also undertaken on the accelerators.

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National Deuteration Facility

The National Deuteration Facility offers the facilities and expertise to produce molecules where all or part of the molecular hydrogen is replaced with deuterium chemically or biologically. This enables complex investigations of the relationship between the structure of molecules and their function using neutron scattering and other techniques. 

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 Other instruments and services

Other instruments and systems

ANSTO operates a number of other instruments and a range of capabilities to support experiments at the Centre for Neutron Scattering and the Australian Synchrotron.

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