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Calibration services frequently asked questions
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Calibration services frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions about ANSTO's Instrument calibration services.

Q. What type of instruments can you calibrate?

A. Gamma Dose Rate Meters, Alpha,Beta and Gamma Contamination Monitors, Electronic Personal Dosimeters, Neutron Monitors and Tritium in Air Monitors

Q. What is the dose rate range you can calibrate to?

A. Calibration services are offered for protection level monitors. Dose rates achievable are approximately 1µSv/h to 250mSv/h Gamma (Cs-137 only) and approximately 5 to 160µSv/h Neutron (Am-241/Be only).

Q. The ANSTO website quotes a range of calibration prices, how can I find out the cost of calibration of my instruments?

A. There are discounts for bulk orders, hence the price range, contact the Calibration Facility Manager for a specific quote for the type and number of instruments you require calibrated.

Q. How long does the service take?

A. We aim to achieve a turnaround time of no more than 5 working days from receipt of the instrument to calibration. Freight times must be considered and added to this.

Q. How can I pay for the calibration service?

A. Please raise a Purchase Order to accompany the instruments. Once the calibrations are complete ANSTO will issue you with an invoice. The invoice has payment options including bank transfer and credit card payment.

Q. Where do I send the instruments and how are they returned?

A. It is your responsibility to supply freight to and from ANSTO. This can be done either by using your preferred courier with your account or alternatively the instruments can be dropped off and picked up at the ANSTO receiving building between 8.30am and 4.00pm, Monday to Friday.

Delivery Address: ANSTO- Main Store
Attention: Calibration Service (Bld4)

New Illawarra Rd
Lucas Heights
NSW 2234 Australia

Q. Contact details?

A. Email: Phone: (02) 97173208