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PhD Scholarship - Innovation, Design and Technology

This PhD program is in partnership between the nandin Innovation Centre (ANSTO) and Design Factory Melbourne (Swinburne University) and is based full time at Lucas Heights, Sydney, NSW.

A three-year full-time PhD scholarship is available for doctoral studies exploring areas of translational science, innovation management and innovation practices to help address societal needs.

The PhD program, furthering Swinburne’s existing research and capability, seeks to study practices and methodologies across different disciplines that impact innovation at individual, organisational and cross-organisational levels.

The joint Swinburne DFM-ANSTO Applied Innovation PhD program calls for people from different disciplines to bring their expertise and passion to an interdisciplinary team creating the conditions for innovation. In this program, you will collaborate with researchers and professionals working at the boundaries of science and technology across disciplines and sectors to help address our society’s complex challenges. Connection to the industry will also be crucial to achieving this impact. By researching early-stage innovation processes and open innovation, we want to improve links between research and industry to facilitate technology development and implementation.

Closing date for applications is 17th March 2024.

For more information, the selection criteria, and to submit an application, see the Swinburne website.

nandin Innovation Centre Contact

Carol Azzam Mackay - Design and Innovation Manager


Phone: +61 2 9717 9078