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COVIDSafe Plan

COVIDSafe Plan

This page was last updated on 27 July.


This COVIDSafe Plan describes the actions that ANSTO will take to keep our staff, contractors and visitors safe and minimise the risk of the spread of COVID-19 infection.


This COVIDSafe Plan applies to all ANSTO Campuses.

This document must be read in conjunction with the latest Australian Government and relevant state government advice.

Additional detail is available in the ANSTO Work Health & Safety Management System > Occupational Health Management.


The risk of COVID-19 infections has been controlled by community lockdowns and isolation protocols, but it has not been eradicated.  It will be important to continue operations in a COVIDSafe manner.  ANSTO takes a risk-based approach that uses the hierarchy of control and concurrent layers of control to minimise the risk to workers and others on our Campuses.

ANSTO has implemented Executive Oversight COVID Committees to monitor the emerging Government advice, community issues and the response actions to be taken by ANSTO.  These Executive Committees are supported by ANSTO Subject Matter Experts and support functions.

ANSTO seeks reliable COVID related information from trusted sources such as the World Health Organisation, Australian Government Department of Health, Comcare, Safe Work Australia, NSW Department of Health and Victorian Department of Health and Human Services.

Wellbeing of People

ANSTO Actions

  • Persons that are unwell must not attend Campus.  Workers have been provided with additional information to self-monitor for symptoms
  • ANSTO has implemented the COVID online self-reporting tool for our staff
  • ANSTO adjusts staffing requirements on campuses in line with State Government Public Health Orders and recommendations. Including complying with mask wearing requirements.
  • ANSTO is leveraging technology to minimise the requirement to physically attend Campuses.  Staff have been advised of appropriate working remotely arrangements.
  • ANSTO support staff with ability to get vaccinations during working hours
  • All Campuses have State based QR systems for checking in of all staff, visitors and contractors.
  • Collaborators and platform users are allowed onsite (in line with Government Public Health Orders) after risk assessment for their actions have been conducted.  ANSTO provides a COVIDSafe induction prior to coming onto site.
  • Visitors must make a declaration of wellbeing/ travel history prior to coming onsite by completing AF-5259 COVID Visitor and Emergency Pass Declaration Form
  • Facilities with campus interdependencies may have implemented infrared thermal scanners for the detection of fever prior to entry as identified in their risk assessment.
  • Staff travel has been minimised and should not occur unless absolutely necessary with regard to state border restrictions. 
  • COVID-19 Risk Management Course featured in the ANSTO Learning Management System
  • Provide additional detailed COVID-19 information for staff via the ANSTO Intranet and ANSTO Work Health & Safety Management System
  • Staff have been advised of appropriate personal leave arrangements
  • ANSTO Employee Assistance/ Manager Assist Program is available for staff and immediate family
  • Lucas Heights Tenants including the Café have their own Services NSW QR Code (ANSTO Clayton Café is not open to the public).
  • Eliminate communal catering for meetings, training or other purposes.  Arrange individual packs if catering is required.
  • Signage in place across Campuses
  • Conditions of entry available at Reception
  • Campus response arrangements have been detailed in the Occupational Health Management section of the ANSTO Work Health and Safety Management System.  ANSTO will also follow advice provided by the relevant State Authorities in response to a positive COVID-19 infection.

Physical Distancing

ANSTO Actions

  • Workers comply with work team/ working remotely arrangements as implemented in response to government Public Health Orders
  • Minimise worker movements across Campus
  • Conduct meetings via TEAMS
  • Face to Face Training minimised to business-critical compliance training only, by approval.  Utilise LMS E-Learns.
  • All persons to maintain 1.5m physical distance from others (as much as possible)
  • Workers are to not shake hands or exchange physical greetings
  • Re-arrange furniture to encourage physical distancing
  • Signage posting room occupancy limits (based on 1 person per 4m2)
  • Minimise the number of workers in ANSTO vehicles at one time
  • Monitor shuttle bus services and adjust services accordingly
  • Minimise hot desking/ shared workstations or clean as below

Hygiene and Cleaning

ANSTO Actions

  • Increase the frequency of cleaning.  Additional disinfection of surfaces
  • ANSTO provides hand & hygiene sanitiser stations at building entries and other key locations
  • Provide additional cleaning materials in common use areas such as meeting rooms, utilities rooms, kitchen/ tea rooms
  • Ensure bathrooms are well stocked with hand soap and paper towels
  • Signage and posters regarding handwashing and cough etiquette
  • Where physical distancing cannot be maintained, or is required by State Health Authorities, provide face masks
  • Stores provisions of additional COVID-19 supplies:  hand sanitiser, face masks, gloves, tissues, surface wipes and other cleaning supplies.

Administrative Controls

ANSTO Actions

  • Campus QR codes
  • The ANSTO COVID-19 online self-reporting tool
  • Internal ANSTO Intranet – COVID-19 pages
  • ANSTO Website COVID-19 Updates
  • ANSTO Work Health and Safety Management System
  • Risk assessment and consultation
  • Regular review and, if necessary, revision of risk assessments/ action plans.
  • Security swipe access to contact trace movements of workers if confirmed COVID-19 case
  • Recording of visitors/ Emergency Pass contractors via the visitor's declaration form
  • Incident reporting and notification to Comcare if required