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Diversity and inclusion at ANSTO


Diversity and Inclusion

We strive to embrace and champion diversity within and outside our organisation and welcome your contributions to helping us achieve that goal.

Creating a diverse and inclusive environment

ANSTO seeks to create a culture of inclusion, where our diversity of thought and differing perspectives are a source of organisational agility, resilience and renewal. We provide empowering and effective work-based policies that support flexibility and the individual needs of our employees, including flexible work practices and family-friendly programs. Our inclusive culture enables us to retain our talent within a rewarding environment, and attract the best talent to work with us in future.

Read our Diversity and Inclusion policy.

Warrning: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers are warned that the following content may contain images and voices of deceased persons.

Supporting an inclusive environment

Gender Equity 

Athena swan bronze award


ANSTO was awarded an Athena Bronze Institution Award in December 2018, an acknowledgment of our dedication to improving workplace equality and inclusion. The award recognised our plan to address workforce diversity over the next four years. ANSTO has achieved gender equity across its leadership ranks. We aim to achieve 50/50 representation by 2030 and are actively working on increasing our numbers of diverse candidates in the talent pipeline. 

Our CEO, Adi Paterson is also a Male Champion of Change and works with other STEM CEOs to champion equity and address inclusion in a meaningful, accountable and results-driven way.

Gender Representation by Band


Our LGBTI Staff network’s mission is to provide support, networking and advocacy to gender diverse and same-sex attracted people at ANSTO. Our network provides visibility to gender diversity and LGBTQI+ issues, and support and advocacy for those encountering difficulties in the workplace. They provide important input into ANSTO policies and procedures on gender diversity and LGBTQI+ issues.

Individuals in our network work role models and mentors and provide outreach to LGBTQI+ youth in STEM.

Indigenous Australia

Launch of Dharwal Mural

ANSTO acknowledges the traditional owners of the lands of each of our campuses and the unique cultural significance of the area in the past, today and into the future.

In recognition of this connection, ANSTO is enhancing activities to connect with the local and broader Australian Indigenous communities. There are four core components in development:

  1. An Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan  Download 
  2. An Indigenous Employment Strategy
  3. Actively acknowledging and sharing information about local Indigenous cultural heritage and
  4. Fostering an Indigenous community connection with the Innovation Precinct in Sydney

Meditation and Multi-faith Prayer Space

ANSTO’s Lucas Heights campus has two dedicated spaces that can be used for Mediation and Prayer, including a meeting room and silent room. This facility is intended to provide staff with quiet and peaceful rooms.

Rooms for private reflection, meditation and prayer are available to our staff working at ANSTO’s Clayton campus.

These spaces accommodate all religious affiliations and denominations, and are part of ANSTO’s ongoing commitment to provide facilitates that enable balance between personal, work and faith based commitments.


ANSTO is committed to creating a workplace where different abilities are recognised, valued and celebrated. We care about providing a workplace where people with physical disability or neuro-divergences, carers of people with a disability, and people experiencing and managing mental health issues are supported to thrive.



ANSTO is committed to providing a flexible, supportive and diverse working environment to enable everyone to work towards their planned career goals and encourages employees to live a balanced lifestyle, combining work, family and community responsibilities.

80% of staff states that their work arrangements meet their need for flexibility.

Parenting Career Phase

ANSTO is committed to ensuring that our staff are supported during the Parenting Phase of their careers.

We recognise that staff navigating through this phase learn valuable skills and are committed to supporting employees and partnering with them during this period.

  • Generous Maternity/parental paid and unpaid leave
  • Flexible working options
  • On-site Childcare Centre
  • Family Room
  • three weeks of sick/carers leave per year
  • Parenting Toolkit of assist Managers and employee plan this career phase.
Phased Retirement

ANSTO recognises the knowledge, skills and expertise held by mature-aged employees, and the contribution they can make to the Organisation.

Our organisation offers a range of phased retirement options, including mentoring, community involvement and flexible working arrangements to assist employees phase into retirement.

Supporting Employees in periods of difficulty

ANSTO is committed to a workplace where all employees feel safe and supported. Any employee at risk of, or experiencing, domestic and family violence should feel free to seek support from ANSTO and Employee Assistance Programs and be comfortable in doing so. We:

  • Provide affected employees with a safe space, support networks and leave entitlements when dealing with domestic or family violence;
  • Promote flexible work practices at all levels in the organisation to support employees with family or other caring responsibilities and create an equal opportunity environment;
  • Provide information on support services and options for managers, colleagues and individuals that may be affected by, or are at risk of being affected, on how to respond effectively and assist with minimising the impacts of the violence as much as possible.

Our commitment in this area is underpinned by ANSTO’s Domestic and Family Violence Policy.

Healthy Minds and Healthy Bodies

ANSTO has a number of programs and facilities that support mental and physical health including:

  • Workplace-based physiotherapist
  • Women’s and Men’s Health Screening Program
  • Lunchtime sporting activities
  • Flexible work arrangements
  • Running Club
  • Social Club
  • Quit smoking support
  • Employee and Manager Support Program with psychologists (EAP service)
  • Mindfulness seminars and tools


Gender breakdown





Superstars of STEM

ANSTO’s Dr Joanne Lackenby and Dr Katie Sizeland have been selected 2018 Superstars of STEM as some of Australia’s most inspiring scientists, technologists and educators.

Minister for Industry, Science and Technology, the Hon Karen Andrews MP announced the list of 60 women in December 2018 on behalf of Science and Technology Australia.

  • Early Career Programs

    Early Career Programs

    ANSTO is committed to fostering the next generation of STEM talent. We have numerous Early Careers programs including Apprenticeships, Traineeships, Internship for undergraduate, our Graduate Program, and Post Doctoral Fellowship Programs. Click here to find out more about our Early Careers Programs.

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  • ANSTO School Education programs

    School Education Programs

    ANSTO is recognised globally for its work in nuclear science education and outreach. About 15,000 school students come through our doors each year to participate in educational STEM programs.

    We offer educational programs and resources aligned to both Primary and Secondary school curriculums as well as offering teacher professional development and resources for teachers.

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  • ANSTO's Meet an Expert

    Meet an Expert

    ANSTO’s Meet an Expert program enables students from around Australia to virtually meet our scientists and understand more about their research, and about what a career in science is really like.

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  • ANSTO STEM Competitions

    STEM Competitions

    We host STEM competitions for students of all ages, including our popular Top Coder and Big Ideas Forum initiatives.  We even have a packed schedule of school holiday activities where kids can get hands-on with science in a way that is both fun and engaging.

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