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Lucas Heights Weather Station
Environmental Protection

Lucas Heights Weather Station

ANSTO continually collects meteorological data from its 50-metre tower. A summary of ANSTO's climate statistics including temperature, wind speed and direction, relative humidity, atmospheric pressure and rainfall recorded at this location are provided below.




An extended table with more statistics is available through the Bureau of Meteorology. Data on non-ionising radiation (ultraviolet radiation) in Australia's main cities can be found via the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency real-time UV index.

The NSW Department of Planning, Industry & Environment provides the Air Quality forecast for the Greater Sydney Metropolitan Region at 4pm the previous day. In addition, AQI readings are published hourly for the Sydney region with Sydney - South West and the Liverpool monitoring site being the closest to Lucas Heights. See the link below. The potential for bush fire smoke to impact the Lucas Heights campus is dependent on the prevailing wind.

Current and forecast air quality

ANSTO also collects data on ionising radiation from a monitoring station near Lucas Heights, and fine particle pollution on the NSW coast and other locations.


Latest Data

Temperature graph

Temperature graph

Wind Speed

Wind Direction graph

Atmospheric Pressure graph

Relative Humidity graph

Weather Tower

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