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Chris Humphrey delivering nuclear education course.

Learn from Australia's nuclear experts

ANSTO has 70 years of experience in managing Australia’s only nuclear reactors and associated facilities at Lucas Heights. 

We offer an unparalleled opportunity to learn from Australia's nuclear experts and to be introduced to Australia's leading nuclear facilities and capabilities through two new courses, The Basics in Nuclear Literacy Short Course and The Senior Officer and Executive Training Course.

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Australia’s experts in nuclear education and radiation training


The nuclear industry has developed over more than 70 years and is the most highly regulated of industries globally. In response to both the diverse range of hazards, which have been the most studied of occupational hazards, and in response to significant industrial accidents, a set of safe operating models, codes and standards have been developed. ANSTO represents the lion’s share of Australia’s small but highly complex, world-class nuclear capabilities. The OPAL reactor, one of the world’s best multi-purpose reactors and Australia’s only operating reactor, is located alongside our nation’s broader nuclear research and technology capabilities on ANSTO’s main campus south of Sydney CBD.

A significant part of ANSTO’s role is to provide expertise and advice across Government, industry and to the Australian public on nuclear science and technology. ANSTO are leaders  in workforce training across the Australian nuclear industry and our Radiation Safety Training business has over 30 years of experience providing expert advice and delivery of accredited training to Australian industry each year.

ANSTO Education team

Contact the Education team at ANSTO's discovery centre for any questions relating to tours, learning resources or nuclear science.