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Australia Chairs 45th National Representatives Meeting of the Regional Cooperative Agreement in Sydney


Over 50 delegates from 21 government parties of the Regional Cooperative Agreement for Research, Development and Training Related to Nuclear Science and Technology for Asia and the Pacific (RCA), converged in Sydney’s CBD last week at the 45th National Representatives Meeting.

The annual meeting was hosted by the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) on behalf of Australia and marked the formal commencement of Australia’s role as the next rotation of chair for the RCA, an opportunity that only arises around once every 20 years.

Each year, government parties of the RCA come together to deliver research and development, training, and capacity-building in the areas of human health, industry, environment, and agriculture.

For over the past 50 years, the RCA has supported more than 170 collaborative projects and made significant strides in the Asia and Pacific region through the peaceful uses of nuclear science and technology.

Attending the Australian delegation at the meeting in Sydney, ANSTO CEO, Shaun Jenkinson said Australia stands ready to serve the RCA and provide support to government parties.

“Serving as chair of the RCA is always a significant opportunity for Australia, and after three years of virtual National Representative Meetings during a pandemic, it’s a privilege to have government parties back together in person in a host country,” Mr Jenkinson said.

“The 70 years of nuclear excellence and stewardship that ANSTO is celebrating in 2023 stands as a timely reminder of the rich knowledge and expertise accumulated over this time, for the benefit of our neighbours in Asia and the Pacific.

“Australia’s participation in the RCA stems from our custodianship of Australia’s landmark nuclear science and technology facilities – including our world-class OPAL multi-purpose research reactor; our production of life-saving nuclear medicines; and the diverse research we undertake across health, industry, the environment, and advanced manufacturing.

“Being able to share our expertise in fields such as radiotherapy; nuclear medicines; and isotopic analysis of water, soil, and air resources; and engineering has been central to helping improve the socio-economic outcomes for other RCA government parties.

“ANSTO has supported great leaps in science to help address some of the most complex challenges facing our society and enable critical research in health, industry, the environment, and advanced manufacturing, and we look forward to working in collaboration with other government parties again over the next year.”

The RCA was first established in 1972 under the auspices of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to promote cooperative research and training programs on nuclear science and technology for its 22 government parties. As an active participant in the RCA for 46 years, Australia has supported RCA programs through the provision of training courses, meetings, workshops, fellowships and scientific visits.

Over the last 20 years, the RCA has enabled educational training programmes in radiotherapy, radiation oncology and medical physics, leveraging nuclear technologies to promote social and economic development in the Asia-Pacific region.

Shaun Jenkinson presenting RCA 2023

ANSTO CEO, Shaun Jenkinson presents at the National Representatives Meeting in Sydney.

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 Delegates from RCA government parties and ANSTO pictured outside the OPAL Reactor building during a tour of ANSTO’s Lucas Heights campus 

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