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Unveiling Sculpture of W. H. Bragg in Adelaide

Sculpture in Adelaide

Today, ANSTO and the Institute were represented at the official unveiling of a new bust of Sir William Henry Bragg on North Terrace in central Adelaide. The new sculpture is next to that of his son William Lawrence Bragg.

Together, father and son were awarded the 1915 Nobel Prize in Physics, the only time that such an awards has been made, for the discovery and development of X-ray crystallography.

The official unveiling was by the Governor of South Australia, the Honourable Hieu Van Le AO, and other speakers included W. H. Bragg's granddaughter Lady Lucy Adrian and Dr. Paul Willis, Director of the Royal Institution Australia.  

Rob Robinson and Paris Constantine attended from the Bragg Institute, which is named in honour of William Henry and William Lawrence Bragg, Australia's first Nobel Prize winners. 

There is more detail on the event and Sir William Henry Bragg on the RI Aus website.

Governor of Adelaide at unveiling of sculptures