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Radiation detection and imaging team

Nuclear and ionising radiation detection and dosimetry

Our services include the use of techniques to develop innovative radiation detector technology, such as performing alpha spectroscopy to characterise charge collection capability and radiation transport simulation.  We also have expertise in measuring the electrical characteristics of novel detectors and semiconductor devices.

Please discuss your proposal with the appropriate ANSTO contact scientist before making your capability selections and submitting your proposal.

Capability selections
  • High precision gamma-ray spectrometry
  • GEANT 4 radiation transport modelling
  • Nuclear detection and microdosimetry.

High precision gamma-ray spectrometry

High precision gamma-ray spectroscopy is a technique for the identification of gamma-ray emitting radioisotopes within a sample of material. The Nuclear and ionising radiation detection and dosimetry service uses gamma-ray spectrometry for identification of specific isotopes and to obtain relative isotopic abundance information within sealed sources.

The instrumentation in this group has limited availability and is primarily for ANSTO researchers and/or collaborators with whom we have an ongoing collaboration.

GEANT 4 radiation transport modelling

GEANT 4 (for Geometry And Tracking) is a toolkit for the simulation of the passage of particles through matter using Monte Carlo methods. Staff within Nuclear and ionising radiation detection and dosimetry have extensive experience with this technique and can offer expert advice and training on its use.

Nuclear detection and microdosimetry

This capability delivers access to a range of electrical characterisation technologies for radiation detector development. This suite of techniques includes access to current-voltage measurement, capacitance-voltage measurement, probe station, vacuum chambers, alpha particle and gamma ray spectroscopy and transient current pulse technique measurements.


For further information please contact

David Boardman