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Australia outside space shuttle


ANSTO’s diverse capabilities and expertise in advanced materials, radiation detection and dosimetry, the impact of galactic cosmic radiation on human cells, the characterisation of planetary materials and advanced manaufacturing can support aerospace and space research. 

Amentum Aerospace

Space tech located at ANSTO

Amentum was founded in 2016 to provide modelling and simulation services to enhance the capabilities of the Australian Department of Defence. The company has since expanded its remit to enable other industries to access scientific software and data. The user base is global and spans a range of industries, from space operations, to defense, mineral exploration, autonomous vehicle navigation, nuclear technology, through to education.

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Space tech located at ANSTO

Ouranos Systems is a nuclear consulting company specialising in nuclear powered systems. Ouranos is working with ANSTO to develop the next generation of radiological heat sources for space applications and is applying for multiple Australian Space Agency grants to support future Moon to Mars missions.  It is also looking into compact nuclear reactor systems for superior power and longevity.