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Dr Katie Sizeland

Dr Katie Sizeland

Strategic Projects Leader, Nuclear Science and Technology & Landmark Infrastructure

Role at ANSTO

Dr Katie Sizeland took up her role as Strategic Projects Manager late in 2020. She is a former Research Program Manager in Human Health.

Her research activities were focused on one of nature’s building blocks: collagen.

Katie’s studies investigated the nanostructure and mechanical properties of collagen using advanced imaging techniques and synchrotron-based small angle X-ray scattering (SAXS) at ANSTO’s Australian Synchrotron.

Due to its hierarchical nature and fibrous structure, collagen imparts strength and elasticity to materials, which are important both functionally and aesthetically. The strength of collagen materials is of crucial importance in the medical, agricultural, manufacturing and other applications.

Her research has led to a number of industry outcomes including stronger ovine (sheep) leather, stronger medical scaffolds, and thinner, stronger heart valve replacements.

Prior to Katie’s work, the structure of collagen networks and how they change after exposure to different chemical or mechanical processes was not fully understood.

Katie is passionate about gender equity, diversity and inclusiveness in STEM, as well as science communication and outreach.

She holds a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering and Nanotechnology and a PhD in Engineering from Massey University, New Zealand.


Collagen including Collagen Based Biomaterials and Characterisation, Biomaterial Engineering and Science, Small-Angle X-Ray Scattering and Tissue Engineering and Regeneration.

Qualifications & Achievements

  • Australian Academy of Science Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting Fellowship – a Science and Industry Endowment Fund (2019)
  • NSW FameLab Semi-finalist (2019)
  • Homeward Bound global leadership program for women in STEMM (2019)
  • ANSTO Nuclear Science and Technology Early Career Researcher Award (2019)
  • Science and Technology Australia Superstar of STEM (2018)
  • Young Scientist Medal at the European Advanced Materials Congress (2018)
  • Women and Leadership Australia Program Scholarship (2018)
  • Australian Synchrotron User Meeting Top Prize for Postgraduates (2014)
  • Bachelor of Chemical Engineering and Nanotechnology (2012) and a PhD in Engineering (2016)  from Massey University, New Zealand
  • 27 peer-reviewed journal articles with nine as first author
  • 11 published conferences papers and three technical reports
  • Presentations at multiple national and international conferences, and has been awarded four conference prizes for her research.

Committees, Affiliations & memberships

Katie has been asked to participate in numerous communications and outreach activities including the:

  • Careways Community International Women’s Day event
  • Female Engineers at Monash Industry Night
  • Girls in Physics breakfast
  • ANSTO Fact or Fiction Game Show
  • Pint of Science
  • Innovation Festival at Emanueal School
  • Inspiring Australia’s Talking Science series as part of Sydney Science Festival in National Science Week
  • Selected as a coach for the Curious Minds program run by Australia Science Innovations
  • NSW Early Career Researcher State Representative for the Australasian Society of Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering (ASBTE)
  • Project Manager of ANSTO’s Community Events and Networking Diversity and Inclusion team
  • Organising committee member for the AXAA conference (2020)