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Mr Nikolas Paneras

Cyclotron Technician Specialist

Role at ANSTO

Nikolas is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the 18MeV IBA cyclotron at the ANSTO Camperdown Facility.


Nikolas started at ANSTO in 2005 with ARI (now ANSTO Health) in radiopharmaceutical production and in 2006, transferred to the ANSTO Camperdown site to produce SPECT radiopharmaceuticals.

He joined the 30MeV IBA Cyclotron Engineering team in 2007 and operated, maintained and developed the Cyclotron and Tl-201, Ga-67 and I-123 targetry systems.

Following the decommissioning of the 30MeV IBA Cyclotron, Nikolas returned to ANSTO's Lucas Heights campus in 2010 to work on designing automation systems for ANSTO Health’s production facility.

Nikolas returned to the Camperdown hub in 2011 as the Operator and Maintenance Technician of the new 18MeV IBA Cyclotron producing PET isotopes for research. 

Research interests and areas of expertise

  • Advanced RF systems, High Vacuum Systems.
  • Electronic design and integration.
  • Development of automated Radio-Chemistry Systems.
  • Development of proton beam transport and targetry systems for cyclotron based radio-isotopes.

Qualifications and Achievements

Nikolas holds a BSc in Applied Physics from UTS, with a Dip in Scientific Practice.