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Customer updates

Customer updates

UPDATE: Returning to your regular delivery schedule

We’re pleased to let you know that from 6 July, we will be transitioning each customer back to the regular delivery schedule of their Gentech® Generators pre COVID-19.  

We will be in contact with you directly to discuss individual requirements.

Thank you for your patience throughout this time. We’re looking forward to returning to our regular production schedule for you.

Further information regarding our other products is available via the table below.

Product, timing and actions

123 MIBG
From 1 July
Usual order cut off times apply (5pm Wednesday for delivery the following Thursday).

Deliveries from Japan will arrive once a fortnight due to import restrictions.
Schedule is dependent on flights. August schedules are currently TBC.

From 1 July
Supply is still suspended from Polatom.

Contact Brett and Peter Pty Ltd to discuss compounding requirements.

99Technetium Generators   
From 6 July
Customers will transition to Gentech
® Generator delivery as per their current arrangement.              

131Iodine capsules and solutions
From 6 July
Orders to be placed by 1pm on the day of despatch.

From 7 July
Usual order cut off times apply (1pm on Thursday).

123Iodine radiochemical
From 20 July
Usual order cut off times apply (1pm Thursday for delivery Tuesday).

A new PI is available for Cr51

Product update: Chromium (Cr-51) EDTA injection

As part of our continuous product enhancements, ANSTO, through the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) approval process, has refreshed our Chromium (Cr-51) EDTA injection offering.

You will notice the following changes from 1 August 2020:

  • An increase in the Chromium specific activity in the product from 30GBq/gram to new 50GBq/gram (range of 36 – 200GBq/gram Chromium; pr).
  • An updated Product Information (PI) leaflet, refreshed to meet TGA’s PI reformat requirements.
  • The stated amount of Chromium content in the formulation will match the maximum amount specified in the latest version of the British Pharmacopoeia monograph of ≤1mg/mL (the actual chromium content will be ≤0.25mg/mL). EDTA content in the formulation will be the specification limit of ≤15mg (actual EDTA content will be ~10mg/mL). Each mL of 8MBq Chromium (51Cr) supplied in 0.9 w/v% sodium chloride solution. These changes are noted in Section 2 of the updated PI.
  • Data for absorbed dose per unit activity administered (mGy MBq-1) updated in Section 4.2 of the PI; this is in line with the data published in International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP) publication 128.

There has been no change to the radioactive content specification, which remains at 8MBq/mL in a 3mL vial.

Take a look at the latest PI here.


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