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  ANSTO services meet regulatory requirements and international best practice standards.

Decontamination and decommissioning

Historical buildings and sites often have waste remaining from past activities. We help you safely relocate the waste, decontaminate the area and prepare it for safe reuse or demolishing.

DSRS management

We offer safe, secure and sustainable management services for sealed radioactive sources which are no longer in use.

Infrastructure design and construction

If your organisation requires in-house waste management capabilities, you can access ANSTO’s skills and know-how to help you design and construct safe, efficient, waste storage and processing infrastructure.

Packaging and transporting radioactive waste

ANSTO can help safety package and transport radioactive material across Australia and internationally. We manage the regulatory approval processes and where applicable security management processes associated with the transport of radioactive material.   We also offer training courses in transporting radioactive material for industries who require in-house expertise in radioactive material.

Processing, treatment and packaging

ANSTO can process your radioactive waste in our facilities. We can reduce the volume and size of solid waste, solidify liquid wastes and stabilise, and finally package it suitable transport packages to facilitate safe transport, storage and disposal.   

Radioactive decontamination

Our decontamination services can remove radioactive contamination from equipment and tools, allowing you to re-use them or dispose of them as non-radioactive material.  ​​​​​

Recycling of nuclear material

There are many uses for radioactive materials leftover from nuclear applications. We are specialists in the reuse and recycling of surplus chemicals and materials.

Regulatory submissions

Our team has experience in developing regulatory submissions and reports for Commonwealth, State and Territory regulators.  We can assist you with your regulatory submissions and engagements on radiation and nuclear safety matters.

Technical advice

No matter the stage of your project, one of our team can provide technical guidance on the next best step for you from an environmental and community perspective.

Waste characterisation

Testing and analysis of waste  to determine its radioactivity, chemical, physical and biological properties in order to determine the applicable regulatory classification and inform management pathways.