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Procurement Policy

ANSTO will utilise a competitive, transparent, accountable and ethical process to derive the best value for money in terms of the quantity, quality, price, availability and best fit for ANSTO having regard to social, corporate and environmental issues.

For full details on ANSTO's procurement strategy, policies and procedures, please contact procurement.

A new ANSTO procurement guide will be published in 2019 with more information in the following key areas: 

Overall guidelines
Ethics, Accountability and Transparency.

Procurement strategy and thresholds
ANSTO's procurement strategy is to deliver value for money by reducing cost, improving compliance, simplifying processes and reducing risks.

Types of procurement
ANSTO's category of purchases fall into five categories including scientific equipment and supplies, business services, people and resources, technology infrastructure and property.

ANSTO uses a variety of e-commerce facilities where it can to support its purchases. 

Ordering and payment process
Purchase orders, invoicing, payment methods and payment terms.

Becoming a supplier to ANSTO
ANSTO will evaluate potential new suppliers in consideration of our overall procurement guidelines and value for money, which is central to ANSTO’s procurement strategy. 

Tender process
ANSTO uses a range of methods to procure products and services including competitive tenders and both open and restricted invitations.

Procurement process
Identifying requirements, determining processes, procurement, approval and contract stages. 

Procurement complaints process
Please contact Procurement if you have concerns with the management of a procurement process.

If the issue remains unresolved and has prevented you from submitting a competitive tender response, please register a formal complaint to our Quality team, by completing the attached form and emailing 

You will receive an acknowledgement of receipt within 5 working days from the Procurement Complaints group who will provide you with information on the proposed review process.

Effective sourcing
To achieve the best outcome ANSTO adopts a number of processes and steps, from project scoping through to contract. The ANSTO project manager works alongside the procurement team and consults with the relevant stakeholders across ANSTO. 

Insurance and risk
Suppliers are required to have the appropriate levels of insurance. 

Negotiations and contract stage
Awarding of contracts and ANSTO's standard terms and conditions. 

ANSTO's purchasing terms
Download ANSTO’s standard terms and conditions for the purchase of minor goods and services.

Contact details
Contact the ANSTO procurement team via


Ask us a question

For further information on ANSTO's procurement processes, please contact the team.