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Project Members Magnetism

Project Members - Magnetism

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Project coordinator:

Past coordinator 

Dr Garry McIntyre (2012-2014)

Most researchers at ACNS have some interest in magnetism. The following are those who devote a significant part of their research time to magnetism:


  • Dr Max Avdeev
  • Dr Sergey Danilkin
  • Dr Guochu Deng
  • Dr Paolo Imperia
  • Dr Garry McIntyre
  • Dr Richard Mole
  • Dr Kirrily Rule
  • Dr Anton Stampfl
  • Dr Andrew Studer
  • Dr Clemens Ulrich (jointly with the University of New South Wales)
  • Dr Chin Wei Wang (funded by NSRRC, Taiwan)
  • Dr Chun-Ming Wu (funded by NSRRC, Taiwan)
  • Dr Dehong Yu

Post-doctoral researchers  

  • Dr Narendirekumar Narayanan (jointly with the Australian National University)



  • Dr Grace Causer, now at the Technische Universität München (Germany)
  • Dr Jason Gardner, now at Songshan Lake Materials Laboratory (China)
  • Dr Shane Kennedy, now at the European Spallation Source (Sweden)
  • Dr Frank Klose
  • Dr Hal Lee, now at the European Spallation Source (Sweden)
  • Dr Faizun Nesa
  • Dr Matthew Sale, now at the University of Sydney