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ISMR plant

The evolution of molten salt reactors

Molten Salt Reactors (MSRs) are nuclear reactors that use a fluid fuel in the form of very hot fluoride or chloride salt rather than the solid fuel used in most reactors. Since the fuel salt is liquid, it can be both the fuel to produce heat and the coolant to transport the heat to a power plant.

Smoke pollution

Highlights - Aerosol Sampling

ANSTO has been tracking and publishing data on fine particle pollution from key sites around Australia, and internationally, for more than 20 years.  

hills on Mars

The characterisation of planetary materials

ANSTO provides a range of capabilities using neutrons, X-rays and infrared radiation to study the solids, liquids and gases that might be found in materials in our solar system and beyond.

Capabilities ANSTO Facilities


ANSTO provides access to specialised facilities and capabilities by application. Please ensure that you contact the relevant ANSTO scientist for advice before submitting a proposal.

Archive of publications 2017 and prior


Archive of ANSTO research publications, seminars and short talks.