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Medium Energy X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy Beamline (MEX-1 and MEX-2)

The Medium Energy- X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy beamlines will provide access to XANES and EXAFS data from a bending magnet source, optimised for cutting-edge applications in biological, agricultural and environmental science in an energy range that is not currently available at the Australia Synchrotron.

User Access

User Access

The User Office is the first point of contact for all new and returning facility users accessing ANSTO’s wide range of world-class research infrastructure. These users may be internal ANSTO researchers, external merit researchers, commercial clients, scientific collaborators and partners.

Synchrotron scientist bound for Antarctic

Dr Katie Sizeland, a Postdoctoral Fellow on the Small Angle X-ray Scattering beamline at the Australian Synchrotron, has been chosen for the Homeward Bound STEMM leadership program

FLEET appointment

Instrument scientist and expert in low dimensional magnetism Dr Kirrily Rule joins FLEET ARC Centre.

Capabilities ANSTO Facilities


ANSTO provides access to specialised facilities and capabilities by application. Please ensure that you contact the relevant ANSTO scientist for advice before submitting a proposal.

Australian Centre for Neutron Scattering

Australian Centre for Neutron Scattering

The Australian Centre for Neutron Scattering (ACNS) is a major research facility for neutron science that comprises a suite of neutron instruments with a range of techniques for scientific investigations in physics, chemistry, materials science, medicine and environmental science among other fields.

ITER fusion power research


ANSTO signed a cooperation agreement with ITER to enable Australia to engage with and benefit from participation in the world’s largest engineering project to create fusion energy.