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High energy heavy ion microprobe
Space Radiation Testing

Space Radiation Testing – Ion Beams

Source capabilities at the Centre for Accelerator Science are fast, quantitative, precise and customisable. More than 20 ion species (from H to Au) are available. Energy up to 100 MeV and linear energy transfer (LET) up to 45 MeV cm2/mg can be achieved. Staff have expertise in commercial off-the-shelf devices (COTS),  integrated circuits (IC), devices and solar cells.

Unique Capabilities in Australia

  • Dose from Gy to kGy allowing SEE or TID (high-current) modes
  • Beam spot size down to 1 μm
  • Electronic components can be tested in-vacuum or in-air
  • Selective irradiation of micron regions within a chip


COTS SEU and TID tests on EPROM, LOGIC and SRAM COTS devices with 5, 7, and 9 MeV H ions.
IC SEU study on an SRAM 65 nm CMOS technology with 5, 7 MeV H ions, and 12, 24 MeV C ions.
Devices Charge collection efficiency and postirradiation damage study on SOI devices with 5.5 He ions, and 24 MeV C ions.
Solar cells Post-irradiation damage study of Perovskite solar cells with 7 MeV H ions.
GEANT 4 Modelling Accurate modelling of the dose absorbed by the device under test, and precise selection of preferred fluence during the irradiation.
Ion species - accelerators
A few examples of the ion species achievable with the accelerators.  Seven more ions in the same range are available.