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Soft x-ray spectroscopy


Quick AS NEXAFS Tool (QANT) developed by Eliot Gann of the Australian Synchrotron and currently NIST ( is an Igor Pro set of procedures, best working on Igor Pro v 8+, but compatible with Igor Pro 6+

For installation, it is suggested that you follow these instructions:

Install Github Desktop, create a github account if you haven't already

  1. Clone the QANT repository found here: to your local computer (doesn't matter where you store it, the default location is probably fine)
  2. Create a shortcut (windows) or alias (mac) of the AUNEXAFS.ipf file and put it in the "Igor Procedures" folder (within Igor, go to Help -> Igor Pro User Files)
  3. Within the "user procedures" (within Igor, go to Help -> Igor Pro User Files) folder create a folder called "Atomic Scattering Factors".
  4. Download the atomic scattering factors from henke ( and place the unzipped files in this directory, along with a copy of the "Atomic Weights.txt" file from github (note an alias/shortcut of this files does not work).
  5. Create a shortcut/alias of QANT.ipf and elementlibrary.ipf and place them somewhere in "user procedures".

Also, download and install the latest version of Optical Constants Library (separate github repository for optical constants integration.

If you install QANT in this way, to update to the latest version all you have to do is go into github desktop and fetch the latest master version which will always be updated here. You can also make changes to QANT and github will let us merge them nicely!

For more details on QANT, how it works, and how you should use it, including some videos please see the official publication:

and cite us if you use QANT to help analyze your data:

Quick AS NEXAFS Tool (QANT): a program for NEXAFS loading and analysis developed at the Australian Synchrotron E. Gann, C. R. McNeill, A. Tadich, B. C. C. Cowie and L. Thomsen J. Synchrotron Rad. (2016). 23, 374-380

For questions, comments or problems with QANT contact Dr Eliot Gann: