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Pelican Time of Flight Spectrometer

Technical Information - Pelican



Wavelength: 2.4 x10-10m ? 6.3 x10-10m, (14.2 meV ? 2.1 meV), HOPG up to 18x10-10m with Mica monochromator

Resolution: 50 µeV to 350 µeV (~2.5% of incident energy, Lf= 2.5m)

Q range: 0.08 A-1 ? 4.5 A-1

Q resolution: 0.05 A-1

Solid angle: 0.8 Steradians (non-pol), 5 m2 detector coverage

Sample area

Sample size: 1.25cm diameter and 8cm high

Sample type: Powder, liquid, glass, single crystals etc.

Detector PSD He3 detectors

Instrument location: Neutron-guide hall, cold guide CG1

Instrument Reference for publications

D. H. Yu, R. A. Mole, T. Noakes, S. J. Kennedy and R. A. Robinson, J. Phys. Soc. Japan 82 SA027 (2013).