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AS Synchrotron building

AUM2019 - Accommodation & Transport

Recommended accommodation and transport information.


All of these recommendations are in walking distance to the venue



81 Talvera Road

North Ryde NSW 2113

Ph: 02 8874 5200


Meriton Suites Building

Meriton Suites

88 Talavara Road

North Ryde NSW 2113

Ph: 02 9277 1125


Holiday Inn Building

Holiday Inn

10 Byfiled Street

Macquarie Park NSW 2113

Ph: 02 9428 9500

MGSM hotel inside room

MGSM Executive Hotel

99 Talavera Road

Macquarie Park NSW 2113

Ph: 02 9850 9300

Dunmore College inside room

Dunmore Lang College

130 Herring Road

Macquarie Park NSW 2113

Ph: 02 9856 1000




Vehicular access into campus is available via:

  • Culloden Road (via Hadenfield Ave, Link Road and Gymnasium Road)
  • Talavera Road (via Research Park Drive)
  • Herring Road (via Innovation Road and University Ave)
  • Epping Road (via Balaclava Road)

Vehicles are only permitted on public access roads unless otherwise stated.


Macquarie University is located in the suburb of Marsfield. If travelling from the Sydney CBD, the fastest way to reach the University is via the Lane Cove tunnel. If travelling from the Hills District and the greater west, take the M2 motorway (exit at the Christie Road or Herring Road off-ramps). The University is a short distance from the Sydney Orbital road network.


Macquarie University has over 4,500 parking spaces with priority given to students and staff who pay a special rate upon registering their Macquarie University ID via the payment and registration method specific to their group. Visit the Parking page for all the details.

Fees and regulations

Macquarie University is a paid parking area. Staff must display a valid form of payment while students will from 1 October need to have registered their licence plate and a payment method with CellOpark. Without the correct authorisation, you can risk being fined with a parking infringement notice. There are various payment and ticket options available.

For more information about parking fees and regulations, visit the Parking page.

Public Transport

Macquarie University is well serviced by buses and has the new Sydney Metro trains in 2019. This is in response to increased demand from commuters to our university, the nearby Macquarie Shopping Centre and the growing business precinct - home to some of Australia’s largest employers. To learn more about travelling by bus and train to Macquarie University, see below: