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Fact or Fiction 3 - Big Science

Fact or Fiction 3 - Big Science

Tue 6 Aug at 7.00pm - Tue 6 Aug at 8.30pm
Venue Sutherland Entertainment Centre
Eton St
Sutherland NSW 2232
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Are you interested in where Big Science is taking us? Well, COME ON DOWN, it’s time to play Fact or Fiction 3 – Big Science.

The latest episode of the Fact or Fiction series takes a big look at big science – what are the world’s large scale science projects, what might they deliver and what you need to do to be involved.

As the audience, you can be a contestant using your phone as we take a deep dive into Big Science using popular game show formats like Millionaire Hot Seat, Family Feud, The Price is Right and Have You Been Paying Attention.

It’s a must see in the lead-up to National Science Week so book now. It’s so big that you will be downloading facts for months to come.

Age suitability: 8 years and above. Based on the successful format of the first two shows, Fact or Fiction 3 will appeal to a wide range of all audiences as a highly entertaining and educational show.