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Sirius accelerator

The 6MV tandem accelerator, named Sirius, is instrumented with a wide range of accelerator mass spectrometry, ion beam analysis and ion irradiation facilities.  The three ion sources include hydrogen and helium sources, and a MC-SNICS sputter source for solid materials. 

Sirius has accelerator mass spectrometry facilities including: 

  • a gas-absorber detector for 10Be analysis
  • a time-of-flight detector
  • a general use ionization detector suited to 36Cl and other analyses.

Sirius has ion beam analysis facilities including:

  • a confocal heavy ion microprobe
  • a surface engineering beamline
  • a nuclear reaction analysis (NRA) and;
  • a heavy ion implantation beamline.


ANSTO is exploring the possibility of porting the beam to the existing Antares beam hall for simultaneous irradiation experiments.