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Application Guide

Industry Foundations Scholarship - Application Guide

Your guide to applying

Please follow the below guide when preparing your application for the ANSTO Industry Foundations Scholarship. 


All entries to be in 11 point Arial font.

Project description

[In no more than one A4 page describe the project, its overall impact and its benefit to ANSTO]

Priority Focus Areas

In no more than 1 A4 page, describe the relationship of the project to the following priority focus areas:

  • translation of radiopharmaceuticals and their use
  • defence industry
  • fusion
  • space
  • nuclear technology capability development
  • environment
  • human health
  • the nuclear fuel cycle

See Priority Focus Areas for more information and Points of Contact

Scholarship Recipient

[If a proposed recipient has agreed to take part, provide a CV. If no recipient has been identified, describe in no more than 100 words the process to recruit a recipient]

ANSTO Supervisor

[Name the proposed ANSTO supervisor and any collaborating ANSTO staff members]

University Supervisor

[Name the University supervisor and if they have agreed to participate]

Industry Support

[In no more than one page, indicate the industry partner(s) and their level of support for the project. A letter from the industry partner(s) confirming this support must also be attached.]