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Our Science


ANSTO uses its infrastructure, capabilities and expertise to build knowledge and optimise the beneficial impacts of nuclear science on human health; ANSTO produces current and future nuclear medicine; and enables research into prevention and improving the approaches to detection, diagnosis and treatment of disease.

Strategic Priorities - Research

  • Cells

    Prevention of disease

    ANSTO health researchers investigate key biological processes or environmental factors that lead to the development of disease.  Our capabilities in this area include investigations of the role of metabolism.

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  • Prawns

    Optimising food for better health

    ANSTO undertakes isotopic, elemental and other nuclear techniques to optimise food production efficiency and sustainability, track its physical origin for safety and quality authentication purpose, and its biological impact on health.


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  • Doctor examining bone scan

    Enhance imaging techniques to detect disease

    ANSTO's OPAL multipurpose reactor and National Research Cyclotron provide us with the capability to produce radiotracers and radiopharmaceuticals that are used with nuclear imaging to improve the detection and diagnosis of disease.

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  • Radiation treatment

    Understanding the biological response to radiation

    ANSTO health researchers undertake research to characterise and optimise the beneficial impacts of radiation on living matter, the precise delivery of radiation and the measurement of radiation.

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  • Insulin molecule

    Supporting the development of novel treatments

    Our infrastructure, capabilities and expertise enables ANSTO to conduct and support research leading to the development of new and improved treatments and therapies. Our capabilities in this area include the production and use of radiotracers and radiopharmaceuticals, as well as specialised beamlines at the Australian Synchrotron.

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Health Strategy

Health Strategy

The three key objectives of our strategy will enable ANSTO to contribute to achieving improved health outcomes for all Australians.

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Our Partners


Ivan Greguric and Nigel Lengkeek


The Biosciences group is focused on the development and translation of radiopharmaceuticals to improve the detection and diagnosis of disease.

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Strategic Priorities - Organisational

  • Gentech Generator

    Supply nuclear medicine

    ANSTO is focused on enabling Australia to become a global leader in the supply of nuclear medicine. Our capabilities include the supply of  technetium-99m in Gentech Generators alongside a range of radioisotopes and radiopharmaceuticals.

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  • Carbon ion therapy centre Italy

    Driving innovation in health

    ANSTO develops and supports projects that drive innovation in health. Our capabilities include research and development into particle therapy and  micro-radiation therapy.

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