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Molten salt reactor

ANSTO's contribution to the advancement of molten salt based reactor systems

The widespread deployment of molten-salt-based systems has been hindered mostly by the lack of materials capable of withstanding their challenging operating conditions.

Expertise: Materials in extreme conditions

With a view to shortening the time to deployment of these low-emission energy-generation systems, ANSTO, in collaboration with domestic and international research organisations, is working on the development, manufacturing and testing of suitable structural materials and coatings.


The home of nuclear-related research in Australia and the custodian of large research infrastructure, ANSTO is well-positioned to undertake research on materials in extreme conditions using its capabilities.

Specifically, ANSTO is working on the development of novel structural materials, alloys, ceramics, and composites, using advanced manufacturing techniques using its infrastructure and links with partner universities.

ANSTO scientists are leading work focused on understanding the performance of materials under extreme conditions – the combination of high temperature, molten salt corrosion, and high-energy particle damage.

Understanding material degradation in these extreme conditions will enable the design of safe and efficient molten-salt-based systems, while also ensuring their economic viability and maintenance. 

Material performance in a variety of extreme environments is also applicable to a range of other industries, including aviation, space, and defence.

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