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Dr Adrian Hawley

Dr Adrian Hawley

Beamline Scientist

Role at ANSTO

Dr Adrian Hawley is a beamline scientist at the Small and Wide Angle X-ray Scattering Beamline (SAXS / WAXS) at the ANSTO Australian Synchrotron. Working in collaboration with the Australia and New Zealand research community Adrian helps visiting researchers make the most of their time at the synchrotron before, during, and after experiments at the SAXS Beamline. He is also shares responsibility for the maintenance and development of the instrumentation to keep this valuable research tool at the cutting edge of research capability.

Adrian’s background is in physical chemistry and his current research focus is on liquid crystal formation in milk and milk products during digestion. Working in collaboration with researchers from Monash University Adrian hopes that understanding these can improve drug delivery and nutrition. In addition to his work at the beamline, Adrian works part time as a Project Manager at ANSTO helping to keep capital development / investment project on track.


Small angle X-ray scattering, scattering data analysis, time-resolved experiment design, project management 

Qualifications & Achievements

  • Diploma of Project Management, Victorian Chamber of Commerce (2018)
  • Excellence in Research Award, Research Impact (Economic & Social), Monash University Department of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Science (2018)
  • George Collins Award for Innovation, ANSTO (2016)
  • PhD (Chemistry), University of Bath (2008)
  • BSc (Honours), Australian National University (2004)
  • BSc, University of Melbourne (2002)
  • Diploma of Arts (History), University of Melbourne (2002)