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Prof Richard Banati

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Prof Richard Banati

Biomedical Scientist, Health Research

Richard Banati is an internationally-recognised scientist with interdisciplinary research interests in the brain’s innate immune system and the development of advanced medical imaging for the detection of subtle of non-obvious brain pathology. The tracer principle, on which this medical research is based, has applications far beyond neuroscience, such as the measurement of naturally occurring isotopes (‘isotopic signatures’) as well as the detection of hazardous trace contaminants due to human activity as they bio-accumulate in water, food and aerosols.

While it is well understood that the health of the environment is intimately linked to human health, the actual pathways of contaminants into the human body and their impact on human health can be difficult to assess.  In 2008, Professor Banati joined the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) as a Distinguished Research Fellow, to develop new applications of nuclear technologies to study biological material.

The research of Professor Banati and his colleagues has received recognition through the bi-annual Award of the German league for Research into Alzheimer's Disease, in addition to many more international accolades. Richard is Professor and Foundation Chair of Medical Radiation Sciences at the University of Sydney, Director of the Ramaciotti Centre for Brain Imaging at the Brain & Mind Research Institute (BMRI) and Director, University of Sydney node of the National Imaging Facility.

He is now a member of the ANSTO Executive Team and supports the CEO in the focus areas of strategic research and national and international collaborations and partnerships.