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Our people, the custodians of Australia’s nuclear and accelerator expertise, are amongst our nation’s most talented researchers, scientists, engineers and nuclear experts. Everyday we work to respond to the growing nuclear science and technology needs of Australia and the world.

MX Scientist - Eleanor Campbell

Beamline Scientist - MX

Dr Elle Livio

Post Doctoral Fellow - In Vivo Biologist

Dr Emmanuel A Flores Johnson

Senior Structural Modeller, Nuclear Fuel Cycle

Dr Eugenia Kuo

Research Scientist/Structural Modeller, Nuclear Fuel Cycle

Dr Franscesca Gissi

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Freda van Wyngaardt

Radionuclide Metrology Scientist

Dr Greg Lumpkin

Program Manager, Fuel Resources and Systems, Nuclear Fuel Cycle

Dr Hanliang Zhu

Principal Research Scientist, Nuclear Fuel Cycle

Dr Helen Brand

Senior Scientist - Powder Diffraction