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Our people, the custodians of Australia’s nuclear and accelerator expertise, are amongst our nation’s most talented researchers, scientists, engineers and nuclear experts. Everyday we work to respond to the growing nuclear science and technology needs of Australia and the world.

Dr Jenny Newell

Project Manager, Climate Change Initiative and Curator of our Spark Exhibition - Australian Museum

Dr Jeremy Wykes

Scientist - MEX

Jessica Hamilton

Scientist - XAS

Dr Jessica Veliscek-Carolan

Research program manager, Spent Fuel Management, Nuclear Fuel Cycle

Dr Jo Lackenby

Regulatory and Licensing Officer

Dr Josie Auckett

Beamline Scientist – Advanced Diffraction & Scattering

Dr Justin Kimpton

Lead Scientist - Advanced Diffraction & Scattering beamlines

Dr Kapila Fernando

Nuclear Waste Solutions, Manager

Dr Kathleen Riches

Quality and Risk Manager