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Border protection


Take a look at some of the industries we offer consulting services to.

Border Protection & Security

Identification, recovery, and removal of unapproved radioactive contents, compliance monitoring and instrument calibrations.

Decontamination & Decommissioning

Relocation of waste, removal of radioactivity from equipment and buildings, and preparation of facilities for safe reuse or demolition.

Defence & Military

Providing support with source inventory management, training exercises, and radioactive waste management.

Emergency Response

Guidance in the decision-making process regarding radiation monitoring and protection.

Nuclear Medicine

Radiation management plan development, training, instrument calibration, and disposal services.​​​​​​

Mining & Processing

Practical technology solutions for the processing of all ores, concentrates and tailings containing radioactive material.

Nuclear Energy

Consultancy services regarding spent fuel management.

Waste Management

Support services for all types of waste containing radioactivity; from identification all the way through to disposal.