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Facilities and capabilities


The Minerals business unit has extensive laboratory and piloting facilities to support our client projects including:

  • Sample receipt and preparation facility
  • Modern hydrometallurgical laboratories including cyanide leaching laboratory
  • Autoclave laboratory – multiple materials of construction options, up to 2 L scale
  • High engineering bay to house tall columns
  • Dedicated solvent extraction separation facility – mixer-settler and pulsed columns
  • Extensive ion exchange equipment – laboratory and pilot scale, fixed bed and RIP
  • Nanofiltration / membrane equipment – laboratory and pilot scale
  • Directly and indirectly heated rotary kilns – up to 100 kg/h
  • Pilot plant facilities
  • Demonstration plant facilities including bunded hardstand area
  • Extensive sample storage area

All our facilities are ARPANSA and ASNO licensed to handle radioactive materials.  


Our unit also has a dedicated suite of in-house analytical instruments to support our client projects. These analytical facilities can be operated as needed in order to meet project requirements, including 24/7 coverage during pilot plant trials. The range of analytical techniques available includes:

  • Mineralogy – QEMSCAN / XRD / TEM
  • Solids assay – XRF, digest ICP, LECO, TGA-DSC, DNA and NAA
  • Liquor assay – XRF, ICP-MS, ICP-OES and ISE,
  • α, β and γ spectrometry

A full description of our Analytical facilities and support they offer our clients is outlined below:

Analytical facility

Analytical facility
The Minerals Analytical Facility conducts a range of analyses required to support our commercial projects, and can analyse everything from simple samples to complex matrices not typically dealt with by standard commercial laboratories
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Our dedicated mineralogists provide specialised knowledge on the mineralogy of ores/concentrates and the wide variety of solids and residues typically generated in hydromet processes. We have well-equipped facilities that can handle a diverse range of samples, particularly those containing elevated concentrations of uranium and thorium.
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ANSTO’s radioanalytical facilities are recognised internationally and the Minerals team has extensive experience in the measurement of radioactivity from a wide variety of matrices. Our primary radoianalytical techniques include gamma spectrometry, alpha spectrometry, delayed neutron activation (DNA) analysis and neutron activation analysis (NAA).
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