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Radiation Services


ANSTO offers a unique and highly specialised consultancy service. Businesses can benefit by access to a number of ANSTO facilities and services such as environmental analytical laboratories, training facilities, extensive radiation protection resources and strong links to research and industry. Our consultancy services include:

Expert advice
  • assessments and recommendations for compliance to national and state legislation
  • advisory service provided by Radiation Safety Officers
  • development of radiation management plans for industrial, mining and medical organisations
  • advice on source security compliance
Radiation source inventory
  • identification and classification
  • packaging for transport
  • photo linked inventory
High activity source management
  • removal
  • transport
  • disposal
  • advice on handling naturally occurring radioactive material (NORM)
  • monitoring services for mining and oil and gas industries
  • radiation surveys and baseline measurements for mine sites
Occupational safety
  • wipe tests
  • X-ray, X-ray diffraction (XRD) and X-ray fluorescence (XRF) units
  • radiation protection monitoring
Waste management services
  • source identification, transportation and disposal
  • decontamination and waste minimisation
  • waste management planning and services
Managing land contamination
  • site contamination surveys
  • characterisation of radioactively contaminated land
  • remediation of contaminants



ANSTO has been recognised for setting the benchmark in radiation safety training in Australia. Our range of radiation safety training courses provide valuable knowledge and expertise in radiation protection principles and practices. 

Participants on our courses benefit from the unique opportunity to utilise our on-site radiation facilities and equipment to enhance their training experience.

Training Calendar

Radiation Training

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Annual inspections and testing of operational radiation monitors are absolutely essential for the safety of staff working with ionising radiation sources and ensures that your practice adheres to current requirements set out by commonwealth and state regulators.



Consultancy: +61 2 9717 9517

Training: +61 2 9717 3251

Calibration: +61 2 9717 3208

If you are attending one of our on-site radiation training courses, please read the coming to visit page.