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National Imaging Cyclotron

National Research Cyclotron

The National Research Cyclotron Facility is a significant part of Australia’s substantial national research infrastructure. It is part of a network of cyclotrons around Australia that produce radioisotopes used in combination with nuclear diagnostic imaging. The ANSTO facility at Camperdown produces radioisotopes exclusively for research purposes, primarily pre-clinical imaging. The cyclotron is a node of Australia’s National Imaging Facility.

ANSTO operates an 18MeV cyclotron jointly with the University of Sydney as part of the National Imaging Facility (NIF). It is situated in close proximity to the Brain and Mind Centre and the Charles Perkins Institute. The facility is accessible to scientists and researchers across Australia.


Through its connection with the National Imaging Facility, ANSTO’s Camperdown campus has well-equipped, radiation-rated laboratories, PET-rated hot cells and shielded fume cupboards, providing ample work areas for staff and visiting scientists. In collaboration with ANSTO’S experienced staff,  researchers use the radioisotopes produced in the cyclotron with PET and SPECT imaging for pre-clinical studies to investigate molecules that have a role in neurological disorders and many other diseases.

Cyclotron PET scan mouse