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United Uranium scholarship

United Uranium Scholarship

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United Uranium Scholarship 

Applications are open (DEADLINE extended)

Supporting Promising Young Scientists in the Field of Nuclear Energy

The United Uranium Trust Fund was established in 1966 for ‘the promotion and encouragement of scientific research and education in the field of atomic energy’. In accordance with the Deed, the United Uranium Scholarship is awarded to ‘promising young scientists’ from any Australian organisation or institution whose research or work is in the field of nuclear energy. Perpetual Trustee Company Limited is the Trustee for the United Uranium Trust Fund.

The scholarship recognises outstanding ability and promises in the field of nuclear science and technology, specifically as it applies to nuclear energy. Successful applicants will demonstrate a history of interest in nuclear energy and a desire to continue this interest. Where possible, it is intended that the scholarship will be awarded annually.


The scholarship is open to ‘promising young scientists’ in the field of nuclear energy who want to extend their development in nuclear science and technology and who work/study in an Australian organisation or institution. The applicant must also be an Australian citizen.

Scholarship's value

The recipient(s) of the scholarship will receive up to the value of AUDS$6,000.

Previous successful applicants

Perpetual Trustee Company Limited has awarded scholarships in previous years for example for attendance at the:

  • International School in Nuclear Engineering
  • World Nuclear University Summer Institute
  • International Nuclear Youth Congress
  • presentation at conferences e.g. International Conference on Plasma Physics, or
  • Visit to research laboratory for collaboration in nuclear science and technology

Application for the Scholarship

Each applicant must lodge a completed Application Form, including the required attachments, and address the criteria set out in Section 2 in the ‘Terms and Conditions’ by the close-of-entries date. Closing date of entries for the 2022 scholarship is at 5pm (EST) on 25 March 2022.

To apply for this scholarship download the application form:

Download Application Form

It is anticipated that the winner will be announced in April 2022.

Further information 

For more information about the scholarship, please contact the Organiser: User Office Manager on (02) 9717 3279 email: