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ANSTO Graduate Institute - NSW Government Industry Scholarships

With the support of NSW Government, ANSTO offers FutureNow and FutureNow Plus scholarships to graduates or early career researchers working on industry-focused research projects that support developments in health, defence, aerospace engineering and nuclear technologies.

Who can apply?

To qualify for the ANSTO FutureNow Scholarships, you must:

  • Be a graduate of a bachelor or equivalent degree or higher and be within five years of graduation or be undertaking a higher degree by research
  • Be available to spend 6 months researching at an ANSTO facility
  • If you are an Australian or New Zealand student, be enrolled at a university that is an AINSE member
  • All applications for a FutureNow Scholarship are subject to a probity check, which may involve a national security, police and/or other checks

Which program?

Who can apply?

Places available



Postgraduate students

More information available Sept '24

Offer a $10,000 top-up stipend and more
FutureNow Plus

Postgraduate students

More information available Sept '24

Offer a stipend of up to $35,000 and more
FutureNow Plus scholarships / PhD positions

PhD Students. Australian citizens

More information available Sept '24

Offer a stipend of up to $35,000 and more.
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    A NSW government funded scheme

    About the program

    The FutureNow Scholarships are made possible through the generous support of the NSW government funding scheme as part of our ANSTO Innovation Precinct development.

    These scholarships are for graduate students or early career researchers working on industry-focused research projects aligned with ANSTO’s strategic objectives.

    Scholarship recipients will have access to the expertise and technology needed to facilitate cutting edge discoveries in advanced manufacturing, health, environment and the nuclear fuel cycle.

    Features of the program

    $10,000 top-up and $35,000 stipends + more

    ANSTO offers two FutureNow Scholarship programs

    FutureNow – $10,000 existing stipend or salary top-up (five or more per year with annual extensions possible)

    FutureNow Plus – $35,000 stipend (up to 3 ½ year award, one or more per year)

    Plus approved research, conference, travel and accommodation support to up $10,000

    * Note: This scheme is not an award of employment with ANSTO.

    Guidance from an ANSTO supervisor

    Our people are amongst our nation’s most talented researchers, scientists, engineers and nuclear experts. Everyday we work to respond to the growing nuclear science and technology needs of Australia and the world.

    R​​ead more about our people

    Access to landmark infrastructure and facilities

    ANSTO is home to Australia’s most significant landmark and national infrastructure for research. With over $1.3b in research assets set across three campuses, it’s no wonder thousands of scientists from industry and academia benefit from gaining access to our state-of-the-art instruments every year.

    Read more about our facilities

    Training and development

    Scholarship recipients will be supported with opportunities for training and development in areas such as: 

    • Business modelling
    • Supply chain optimisation
    • Funding and finance management
    • Marketing
    • Leadership skills
    • Intellectual property protection

    Want to know more?

    Be inspired!

    Hear more from our successful ANSTO applicants.

    • Find your focus area

      Step 1

      Identify your focus area

      Your project should focus on one of the ANSTO's priority focus areas:

      • Defence
      • Environment
      • Fusion
      • Human health
      • Radiopharmaceuticals
      • Space
      • Nuclear fuel cycle or nuclear technology capability development

      And align with least one of ANSTO’s strategic objectives:

      1. Putting our people first
      2. World leading research and technology outcomes
      3. Strategic management of landmark and national infrastructure
      4. Nuclear related expertise and advice
      5. Business and innovation
      Priority Focus Areas
    • Support from industry for your project

      Step 2

      Demonstrate industry support

      Industry support could be demonstrated through cash or in-kind contributions, or you can simply include indication from an industry partner that the project you’re undertaking is useful.

      If you do not yet have industry supportwe may be able to help. Email outlining:

      • Your focus area
      • Your university supervisor and their contact details
    • Select a suitable supervisor

      Step 3

      Select an ANSTO supervisor

      Nominate an ANSTO supervisor that would be best placed to support your project. Click on the link below to view the list of ANSTO supervisors.

      If you don’t yet have a contact at ANSTO, we can help facilitate this. Email us if you need help.

      Find an ANSTO supervisor

      Your ANSTO supervisor will be the representative who submits your application.

    • Prepare and submit your application

      Step 4

      Format and submit your application

      Take a look out our application guide.

      Projects will be assessed on:

      • The impact and benefit to ANSTO and NSW in accordance with your Priority Focus Area.
      • The level of industry support.
      • Project quality, readiness and feasibility.

      Ready to submit? 

      Your proposed ANSTO supervisor will submit your application by emailing it to

    Key date:

    More information on the FutureNow Scholarships will be available in September 2024.